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You can login to Edmonton Kids website with your Facebook account.

Our webguy has added Facebook Login

If you click on the login button at the top right of any page, you will see that you have 2 options - standard and facebook. The 'standard' is highlighted by default and allows you to enter your user name and password and login.

You can also click on 'Facebook' which will then show the "Facebook connect" button. The first time you use this, you will have to authorize Facebook to allow login. Once you have completed this step, you will see the following message:

You have been successfully authenticated. However, this authenticated Identity is not a member of this site. You can either associate the Identity with an existing user (by providing the username and password) or you can register as a new member.

You can now link your Facebook account to an existing account (if you previously registered on our site). This will prevent you from having 2 different account profiles. Type in your existing username and password and click "Associate with User Account".

The next time, you login, it will simply log you in with your Facebook credentials.

If you do not have an existing account with us, click "create a new account". Fill in your basic information and respond to the email that we send. (This step, verified registration, is necessary so that others don't create an account and use your email address for spam).

If you have any problems logging in with our standard or Facebook login, please contact or webguy at webmaster@edmontonkids.com

Our webguy will add Twitter login feature very shortly.

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