101 Christmas Events and Activities in Edmonton and area

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101 Christmas events for families and kids in Edmonton and area.

Santa Claus, North PoleI have way too much Christmas spirit.

Our webguy originally set our events calendar to 25 events per day, then 30 and 35.

I just posted 36th event for Nov. 30, 2013, so he increased limit to 40 events per day.

We have more than 101 Christmas events for families and kids in Edmonton. Christmas shows, craft markets, pictures with Santa, lighting up Christmas trees, singing Christmas trees, Breakfast with Santa, Christmas movies, sleigh rides, skate with Santa ... did we mention Christmas music and songs?

Christmas events in Edmonton plus surrounding towns and countryside. Alberta is the perfect place to spend Christmas. Sleigh rides in the snow in the tropics? I don't think so. And when is the last time you heard a Christmas song titled "O Palm Tree"?

If we have missed any events, just email the webmaster or enter the event yourself. It's free!

We visited Santa at the North Pole and he says he will be on time and on schedule. Alberta, being closer to the North Pole, should ensure we get our presents earlier.

So check our list of family and kids Christmas activities, check it twice, you don't want to miss anything.



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