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Prevent the summer slide this year with some of these math activities to help kids play to learn.

Trying to get your kiddo ready for Kindergarten?  Here are some ideas on how to homeschool preschool in math over the summer.

Math review can be worksheets, but games are more fun.  Here is a math card game you can play with your kids to review math concepts.

Eat your fractions for Lunch.  Lunch is both more fun AND a learning experience when you add math to the menu.

Dominos are a great math “tool” for kids to explore number concepts.

One of the earliest calculators was an abacus.  If your child is struggling with number concepts try making them more real with this tool.  You can make your own abacus with beads!

All you need is dice, slips of paper with numbers and a smile to play these math game ideas with your kids.

Ideas to make math FUN!

Show kids that math concepts are fun – your kids can learn problem solving skills and logic, all while playing with a rubrics cube.

Math doesn’t need to be fancy – create a set of play rocks to learn with

Make a math “train” or puzzle, using math facts and wide craft sticks.  Teachers: This is a great hands-on station idea.

This was one of our kids FAVORITE ways to review their math school work – with a flyswatter!

Math:  Play to Learn

Skip Counting – it’s the first step to grasping multiplication concepts for most kids.  Here is a way to make the numbers real.

Genius way to do math with Easter Eggs – have kids add or subtract money to make a certain amount using the eggs.

Create a Dream Catcher for fractions and skip counting families – your kids will love testing their pals.

Art and math mix in this geometry project.  Kids fill the space with shapes and can learn about fractions, quantity and area at the same time.

Give your kids a “boost” in their ability to solve word problems, have them review the math sight words with this free printable.



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