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Edmonton Kids is a site for Alberta families and kids. We started the site in 2007. Since then our website quickly grew to become the premier site for event information in Alberta.


  • Google Earth - View constellations and the movements of the planets; distant galaxies and nebulae.
  • Google Moon - want to get a street level view of where Neil Armstrong lived on the Moon?
  • Our future in the solar system - Why do humans explore space? We "love to sail forbidden seas". This is a beautiful short video narrated by Carl Sagan showing future human exploration of our solar system.
  • Telescopes for kids - Telescopes are a great way to introduce kids of all ages to the joy of astronomy and science.

Climate Change

Health and Fitness

  • Healthy Kids - Dr. Peter Nieman has been practicing as a specialist with children for more than twenty years. He is also a parent who recognizes the challenges of raising healthy children.
  • Life by Example - Dr. Peter Nieman is a pediatrician dedicated to working with and helping parents raise healthy children.

Online Activities

  • Lego - online games for preschool kids.
  • Club Penguin - a kid-friendly virtual world where children can play games, have fun and interact with each other.
  • Teen Second Life - 13 to 17 year olds can socialize in a safe, fun atmosphere. They can let their avatars roam and let their alter-egos explore new social situations in the online world. Teens can get jobs, learn new skills and even hang out at the Coffee Spot.
  • Edmontonstories.ca - written, audio and video material describing the experience of Edmonton residents and visitors.

Social Networking

  • Twitter - combines social networking, blogging, instant messaging and text messaging.
  • Jaiku - connect with the people you care about by sharing presence updates with them on the Web and mobile.
  • Rummble is like a travel guide written for you by your friends. It is a location based mobile social network.
  • Groovr - Send shoutouts, post pics, videos and let your friends know where you are. All from a mobile phone.

Students - Education - Online Learning

Learn - Learn a new skill, expand your knowledge or take a class online - K through University. Resources for students and teachers.

Science - Activities, experiments, science at home.


  • Thomas & Friends - It's Thomas' Comedy Showtime and here are your hosts Stan and Nigel! Today they are going through a day in the life of Sir Topham Hatt! What could possibly go wrong on a such a wonderful day?


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