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July 13, 2024

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  • About   Edmonton Kids website is about finding fun things to do.
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  • Articles   Fire safety, staying healthy and lunchbox nutrition.
    • Afternoon Snacks   It's four o'clock, school's out, but there are still two hours before dinner. In this stretch of time it's important to think about nutrition, especially for kids who participate in after-school activities.
    • Art Culture   A love for the arts and culture begins at a young age. Children of all ages can enjoy, learn and be inspired by taking part.
    • Baby Nutrition   Every new mom wants the best for her baby and knowing what nutrients your baby needs is an important part of parenthood.
    • Child Safety   One of the most overlooked areas in a home interior is the window – whether open or closed, windows are a potential hazard to the safety and well-being of toddlers and young children.
    • Coughs Colds   It's back to school time and with it comes the typical season of coughs, colds and other bugs our kids pick up. Every parent should know these 10 PID Warning Signs
    • Creativity Imagination   Even though children are naturally imaginative, it can sometimes be a challenge to entice them away from the television and computer and encourage them to also focus on creative and artistic activities and pursuits.
    • Earth Day   Kids are the eco-heroes of tomorrow. By supporting their efforts today we can help them inspire future change across Canada.
    • E learning   Today, with a number of quality sites and information available online, embracing digital technology as part of the learning journey is a key part of the educational puzzle
    • Exercise Fun   Take a lesson from our four-legged friends, exercise is fun. In the same way that Buddy would be miserable without that nightly walk, train yourself to look forward to physical activity.
    • Fire Safety   Three simple ways to increase your family's odds of surviving a fire by 50 per cent.
    • Fire Safety Plan   Safety Plan is key to avoiding tragedy.
    • Healthy Eating   Nutritional deficiencies can have devastating effects on child development both physically and intellectually.
    • Healthy Snacks   A snacking makeover that replaces high fat or high sugar snacks with healthier lower fat and lower sugar choices is one of the simplest and most effective ways to healthier eating habits.
    • Holiday Countdown   It seems like the holidays sneak up on us every year. Before you know it, our schedules are packed with busy shopping malls, social engagements, decorating duties and perhaps scariest of all—planning that holiday feast.
    • Holiday Crafts   The holidays are a perfect time of year for families to get together and get creative.
    • Kid Friendly Breakfast   Take a creative spin on kid-friendly foods like nachos and dip.
    • Lunchbox Ideas   There are lots of ways to jazz up a packed lunch by adding new flavours while keeping it nutritious and convenient.
    • Lunch Nutrition   Packing a nutritious lunch not only ensures our kids refuel for an afternoon of learning, it is also a good way to help establish healthy eating habits that will last well beyond primary school.
    • Santa's Toy List   The 2011 Wish Book has the hottest toys for all the kids, tweens and teens on your list, and you can shop the pages conveniently from the comfort of your home.
    • Stay Healthy   Being Dr. Mom is a tough job. You work hard all year round to ensure that you're practicing the best prevention habits to protect your family from various germs and illnesses, such as influenza.
    • Summer Vacation   Are your children registered for camp or have you planned a family vacation? No matter what has been scheduled, here are a few tips for a stress-free summer season.
    • Technology   Not sure how to log on to your favorite website, conduct a Google search or sign up for a free e-mail account? Ask a five-year-old.
    • Thanksgiving Dinner   Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming when trying to think of activities to keep kids busy at family gatherings.
    • Toddler Eating   On the road to great eating habits, starting out with healthy, safe, age appropriate foods is paramount.
    • Vegetarian Teenagers   With the myriad of reasons for vegetarianism and a similar myriad of pressures and concerns over the relative health benefits or risks the discussion becomes murky with misinformation and misunderstanding.
  • Photos   Pictures and photos of attractions in Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, Alberta.
    • Alberta Legislature   Photos of Legislative Assembly of Alberta in Edmonton.
    • Banff Pictures   Banff National Park, Canada's first national park and the world's third. Spanning 6,641 square kilometres (2,564 square miles) of valleys, mountains, glaciers, forests, meadows and rivers, Banff National Park is one of the world's premier destination spots.
    • Calgary Zoo   The Calgary Zoo is located in Bridgeland, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, just east of the city's downtown and adjacent to the Inglewood and East Village neighbourhoods. It is accessible via Calgary's C-Train light rail system, by car via Memorial Drive and by bicycle and footpath via the Bow River pathway. A large portion of the zoo is located on St. George's Island in the Bow River.
    • Edmonton Skyline   Photos of downtown Edmonton and pictures of Edmonton skyline.
    • Fort Edmonton   Fort Edmonton Park is a living history park that traces the growth and development of Edmonton through The Fort, 1885 Street, 1905 Street and 1920 Street.
    • TELUS Science   Pictures of TELUS World of Science Edmonton
    • Ukrainian Village   Explore over 30 historic buildings including three churches of Eastern Byzantine Rite, a fully-functioning grain elevator, blacksmith shop and burdei (sod hut).
    • Valley Zoo   Photos of animals and birds at Edmonton Valley Zoo.
    • West Edmonton Mall   Pictures of one of the World’s largest shopping and entertainment complexes. Galaxyland has a number of rides, The World Waterpark has a giant indoor wave pool, lots of slides and hot tubs. There is an NHL size skating rink, indoor mini golf, and Sea Lion’s Rock the home to three California Sea Lions. There are nine attractions to choose from. There are also several cinemas.
  • Resources   Things to do for kids online activities - kids approved ideas from kids in Edmonton and all over the world.
    • Learn   Learn a new skill, expand your knowledge or take a class online - K through University.
    • Science   Science activities, experiments, science at home and school
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