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Online Mathematics Contest

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English speaking grade school students in select Canadian provinces can now compete for Scolab's winning mathematics title

Canada's Largest Online Mathematics Contest Expands Across Canada


English speaking grade school students in select Canadian provinces can now compete for Scolab's winning mathematics title


April 26, 2017: CALGARY, AB - For the first time, Netmath's Can You Math Challenge, organized by Scolab, is now available for students across Canada. Currently available for French students in Quebec and Ontario, the fourth edition will be accessible in both languages for students in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and New Brunswick. The Can You Math Challenge takes place from May 1 to 5, with a 30-minute test that can take place during class hours.


Scolab, the organization behind the Netmath platform, created this initiative to unify both French and English students under a mathematics banner. Targeting 100,000 students aged 9 to 16 across Canada; the Netmath's Can You Math Challenge will take place from May 1 to 5. During a 30-minute test that can be taken during regular class hours, students must correctly answer a number of math questions related to their level. Those who accumulate the highest score up to 250 points are awarded the winning title for themselves, potentially their class and school.


Badges, banners and certificates will be awarded to the best students, classes and schools, which will be unveiled the week of May 8, 2017.


"We are very happy to open the contest to all Canadian students in both languages," states Carl Malartre, president and co-founder of Scolab. "This will allow the Netmath's Can You Math Challenge to reach more than 100,000 students this year. Past editions were great successes…and this year again, we're very excited to head one of the country's most important educational events!"


In 2016 over 5,000 teachers enrolled over 91,000 students from 1,645 participating schools. To participate, teachers have to register their class online now at Follow the conversation on social by using the hashtag #CYM2017.


About Scolab


Scolab is an educational technology lab based in Montreal. It brings together an international team of programmers, designers and educators who work closely together to build the future of education, and provide teachers and parents with new e-learning tools. The studio develops Netmath interactive programs, broadcast in Anglophone and Francophone schools in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta, and Buzzmath, for English-language schools in the United States.


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