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My name is BlackBerry PlayBook

My name is BlackBerry PlayBook
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If your name is not "Sent from my BlackBerry® PlayBook™", you can change your signature.

Playbook message settingsIf you're wearing an outfit from WalMart and you meet someone, do you introduce yourself as "Hi, my name is WalMart"? Or if you're wearing a suit from Moore's, "Hi, my name is Moore"?

No? Then why do that in email? Hi, my name is "Sent from my BlackBerry® PlayBook™". I hear that some of you leave it to let people know why the message is short and full of spelling mistakes. However, you can still add your name to the signature.

If your name is not "Sent from my BlackBerry® PlayBook™", you can change your signature. Go to Messages.

PlayBook signatureSwipe down from the top bezel, you will see Message Settings. On left, you will see "Email Preferences". Where it says [account name], tap on that and you will see Signature and you can add/delete/change whatever you want. I changed my signature to my name and added Edmonton Kids website. If you don't have a website, add Edmonton Kids, we need all the free advertising we can get! (Before you didn't mind advertising blackberry.com ... and they have a lot more money than us to advertise. Our advertising budget for 2014 is $0)

If you want to take a screenshot with an BlackBerry® PlayBook™, hold down the + and - volume buttons at the same time. Your screenshot is in Pictures.

I used our webmail to email the pictures to myself. Our webmail has a desktop, tablet and phone interface. In tablet interface, that annoying virtual keyboard doesn't pop up every time you touch the screen. It still comes up when you tap any input field like To or Subject, etc. If you use webmail, you need to set your signature in webmail also.


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