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The new-school of e-learning

e-learningThe emergence of the internet has meant a variety of things for our society. From creating non-conventional career paths to inspiring social revolutions, the internet has changed the way we consume information. More than that, it has changed the way we learn.

“Once upon a time, surfing the web was considered bad for a child's literacy development, just as video games or TV were once viewed negatively,” said Margaret Eaton, president of ABC Life Literacy Canada. “Today, with a number of quality sites and information available online, embracing digital technology as part of the learning journey is a key part of the educational puzzle.”

The Internet is chock-full of learning sites for kids, yet it's often one of the last places we look for educational content. Those children that struggle in math and science can access several websites that allow them to question and explore difficult concepts. Many of them are also up to date with provincial curriculum standards.

There are also literacy development sites that access a variety of stories in one place. Energizer Canada, in association with ABC Life Literacy Canada, has developed Power of Reading (, a site with a library of original stories that offers parents, teachers and caregivers the opportunity to work with children to create personalized digital stories of their own. After creating their own original story, families can share their new adventure with other family and friends online.

What better way to give your child the screen for which they're begging than by exploring an e-learning site together?