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Five fun Earth Day resolutions for kids

Kids are the eco-heroes of tomorrow. By supporting their efforts today we can help them inspire future change across Canada. Celebrate Earth day by learning about how you can protect the planet and do something to help. Here are five easy resolutions you can make to get started.

1. Recycle Materials for Art : Items like egg cartons, cereal boxes and old newspapers (for paper Mache) are great to keep for your craft projects at home or school. And ask your parents to buy earth-friendly craft glues and paints, too.

2. Start a Green Project: Come up with a fun green idea such as starting a garden or recycling program at school, planting trees or cleaning up your local park, and get your friends, teachers and family involved. If you are between the ages of 6–13 years old, submit your idea to the Sunlight Green Clean Kids: Green Grants Program by writing a short essay on your unique idea to make the environment a better place. Sunlight is offering up to $1,500 to get your project started. More information can be found online at

3. Organize a Swap: Recycle your old toys and clothes—while getting a bunch of cool new stuff—by organizing a swap at your home, school or community centre where everyone can trade their used items. Set simple rules for the swap such as how many toys each person should bring and how to deal with more than one person choosing the same item.

4. Bike to School: Ask your parents if you can bike or walk to school (as long as it's safe) a few days a week instead of taking the bus or having them drive you.

5. Teach Your Parents to Recycle: Teach your parents how important it is to recycle by learning about the types of materials that can be put in the recycle box. Label small cans and tubs to collect glass, cardboard, paper and tin items, and ensure the right material goes in the right box. Also look for products that can be recycled on your weekly grocery shop with mom and dad.