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Summer vacation with peace of mind

(NC)—When school is out, the summer holidays begin! Are your children registered for camp or have you planned a family vacation? No matter what has been scheduled, here are a few tips for a stress-free summer season.

Safeguard summer camp items

Summer camps can be a wonderful opportunity for children to enjoy the season with friends, but they are also places where children can easily mix up or lose their belongings. This can be easily prevented by labelling their names on camp clothing and accessories. You can also label inside their backpacks and include your telephone number in case they are lost. To prepare for every situation, label your children's names on their water bottles and lunch boxes and include any allergies or food intolerances. And finally, consider labelling your children's items with emergency contact information so counsellors will have quick references on hand, instead of having to search through their files.

Organize family vacation equipment

Family vacations always go by too quickly! In order to fully take advantage of precious vacation time, sort through outdoor equipment a few days before your departure. If you're planning a fishing outing, for example, look through your tackle and put your spoons, hooks and flies in order. You can even write in each compartment the type of lure that goes there. This way, you are sure they will be replaced properly after use. Writing the names of your children on their sleeping bags or favourite fishing poles may be particularly helpful to avoid conflicts.

Labels specifically designed to be used on fabric and other rough or textured surfaces are now available and can be particularly useful when organizing items for family vacations. Brother, for example, has developed an exclusive line-up of patented labels for its P-touch machines that can stick to any type of surface and withstand heat, cold, water, sunlight, and more. The labellers are available at office supply stores and online at

According to Brian Caldwell, Senior Product Manager at Brother Canada, labellers can be an especially attractive option for busy families because they “work on clothing, food containers and even expensive items like laptops. They are compact and functional for on-the-go needs, so users just type, print, peel, and stick durable, laminated labels in seconds.”

Labelling is also an important consideration for essential items like First Aid kits. Don't forget to label your kit with the telephone number for your local health hotline, just in case.

By being well-prepared, the entire family will enjoy their summer vacation and experience many memorable moments.