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Daycamps in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Strathcona and Leduc.

Edmonton Kids Day Camps 2014

Summer Camps in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Strathcona, Devon and Leduc 2014.

  • ADW Music Summer Day Camps 2014
    • Guitar
      • July 14th-18th & August 4-8th
      • Open to ages 7+ and all ability levels from very beginner to advanced students, this week allows an in depth experience with playing the guitar. Students will be placed into sections based on levels and ages to ensure the best possible experience!
      • Regardless of level, most students get the equivalent of 3 months worth of weekly lesson experience in 1 week!
    • How to Ace (and have fun with) an Audition
      • July 7-11
      • Open to ages 6+ (participants will be placed into age-appropriate sections)
      • Tackle all those audition nerves with techniques and preparation
      • By the end of the week students will have all the skills to be audition-ready, including performance ready monologues, songs (if desired), and cold-reading skills.
      • Friday will allow participants to audition for family and friends!
    • Songwriting
      • July 21-25 & August 25-28
      • Open to ages 5+ (participants will be placed into age-appropriate sections)
      • Open to all experience levels and songwriting/compositional styles.
      • Experienced, qualified teachers will assist you with all aspects of your composition from idea development to theory to performance!
      • At least one song written will be performed in the showcase at the end of the week!
    • Singing
      • July 21-25 & August 25-29
      • open to ages 5+( participants will be placed into age-appropriate sections)
      • Have a super fun week singing, learning technique to make you into an even better singer while protecting your voice. Both group and solo singing will be explored!
    • Travel the World in a Day Camp
      • July 28- August 1
      • Open to Ages 5-12
      • Our most FUN and active day camp of the summer! 
      • Each session we "travel" to a different country, learning games, language, stories, songs and doing crafts from each country! 
      • At the end of the week we showcase to friends and families of participants their favourite parts of each country visited.
      • This year some of the countries will include: Argentina, Morrocco, England, Slovenia, and MANY MORE!!
    • ADW MUSIC, 23 Akind Drive, St. Albert, 780-569-5100, adwmusic@shaw.ca   www.adwmusic.ca
  • Alliance Française Summer Camps
    • Our camp is designed for non-francophone children aged 6-12 years. We welcome children of all levels in French. Westmount Community League 10970 127 Street NW Edmonton
    • July 7 – July 11
      • Let’s be a spy: Invisible ink. Motion detector. Mystery solving… This week, you will learn how to become a secret agent!
    • July 14 – July 18
      • French Traditions: Bastille day; King’s pie; Crepe day; Easter’s bells; the tooth mouse; so much to learn about the French traditions!
    • July 21 – July 25
      • Circus: Let’s juggle, let’s do magic tricks or be a real clown for a week! And because we don’t have lions and tigers to train, how about we turn ourselves into those?
    • July 28 – Aug. 1
      • Young scientists: after learning a couple scientific experiments, we will lead an investigation, locating clues and analyzing different powders… to figure out who stole our treasure!
    • Aug. 5 – Aug. 8
      • Human body and the five senses: This week will be a journey into our own body! We will re-discover one by one our senses and learn how to train the ones we sometime forget!
    • Aug. 11 -Aug. 15
      • The five continents: Let’s travel around the world and celebrate cultural diversity! This week, we will discover one continent per day!
    • Aug. 18 -Aug. 22
      • The Olympics: Come and test your strength and skills at the Westmount Olympic games.This week, it’s all about having  fun doing sports.
    • Aug. 25 -Aug. 29
      • Save the Earth! We all know we should respect our planet. But how can each individual help at his very own level? Compost, green electricity, bugs replacing insecticide… So much we could do!
    • http://www.af.ca/edmonton/french-classes/summer-camp/
  • Celtic Ceilidh Dance Academy - Around the World in Dance! Summer Camp
    • August 5th to 8th, 2014
    • Open to children ages 6 & up, no dance experience necessary
    • Classes in Highland, Ukrainian, Irish, Bellydance, Zumba & more, plus stretch and yoga for dance!
    • 6 classes each day learning different dance types, including a dance stretch and/or yoga class to complement the dancing.
    • Dancers may choose to participate for the full day or half day (AM or PM).
    • http://celticceilidhdance.com/index.php/registration/2014-summer-camp
  • City of Edmonton - Community Summer Programs
    • Registered Day Camps for children ages 3-12.
    • Green Shack Playground program for children ages 6-12.
    • Drop in Sites for youth ages 13-17.
    • www.edmonton.ca/daycamps
  • City of Edmonton Summer Day Camps
    • Arts, attractions and river valley camps.  Physical activity and leisure camps.  
    • www.edmonton.ca/ereg
  • Dancin' Dance Productions Summer Day Camp
    • Storybook Dance and Doodle!
    • In each themed 5 day summer session kids will build confidence, independence, and develop new skills. Each day will involve music activities, creative movement, and storytelling. We will explore the books even further by incorporating the stories into crafts and bring the books to life with imaginative games. Designed for fun and adventure!
    • July 21- July 25 Princesses and FairyTales, Ages 2-3 10:00- 12:00 Ages 4-7 1:00- 3:00
    •  Aug 4- Aug 8 Nature, Animals and Insects Ages 2-3 10:00- 12:00 Ages 4-7 1:00- 3:00
    • Aug 11- Aug 15 Letters and Colors Ages 2-3 10:00- 12:00 Ages 4-7 1:00- 3:00
    •  $120/week if you register before June 7th, $130/week after June 7th
    • Location: 2429-104 Street Edmonton, AB 
    • Call or e-mail to register (780) 884-2412 storybookdanceanddoodle@gmail.com 
  • Devonian Botanic Garden
    • Dive into Books! (Ages 7-11)
      • Spend the week on loads of literary adventures based on your favorite books. Play a game of Quidditch, compete in the Hunger Games, and travel to far-off Narnia in this fast-paced camp!
      • End the week with a hot dog roast and campfire.
      • July 7 - 11   9 am- 3 pm
    • Buggin' Out (Ages 3-5)
      • Do you love bugs of all shapes and sizes? Join us for a week of exploration, searching for insects both on land and under water. Learn about these creepy crawlers from real bug experts and be an expert yourself before the week is through!
      • July 14-18
      • Session 1: 9 am - 12 pm or Session 2: 1 pm to 4 pm
    • Art in the Garden (Ages 9-14)
      • A perfect week to hone your artistic skills while still enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Learn skills in drawing and painting, create a variety of art and explore the Garden. End the week with a fun hot dog roast and campfire.
      • July 21-25   9 am - 3 pm
    • Camp Dinosaur (Ages 6-8)
      • Travel back in time to a world of velociraptors and T-rexes! Spend a week discovering all about these prehistoric giants through games, crafts, adventures, and lots of make-believe!
      • July 28 - August 1   9:30 am - 2:30 pm
    • Knights and Dragons (Ages 3-5)
      • Strap on your armour or tiara and head to the Garden for a week as a knight or princess. Spend your days galloping around the Garden, fighting dragons and rescuing those in need in this fast-paced camp!
      • Aug. 5 - 8
      • Session 1: 9 am - 12 pm or Session 2: 1 pm to 4 pm
    • Wild Wild West (Ages 7-11)
      • Mosey on over to the Garden for a week of cowboy and cowgirl adventures. Use your imagination to travel back to the old west to help with the cattle drive, work on a ranch, and protect your town as the new Sherriff. End the week with a fun hot dog roast and campfire.
      • Aug. 11 - 15   9 am - 3 pm
    • Lil' Campers (Ages 6-8)
      • For those little ones who love to be outdoors, spend a week making shelters, going on scavenger hunts and playing games in the woods.
      • Aug. 18-22   9:30 am - 2:30 pm
    • http://www.devonian.ualberta.ca/en/SummerCampsBirthday/Summer%20Camps.aspx
  • Dominelli School of Music
    • Tell Me A Tale
      • July 7-11, 2014 & July 14-18, 2014 - Monday-Friday, 9:00am-3:30pm
      • 5-12 years old, Instructor: Carly Bilec. $139/Week
      • How often our favorite childhood memories involve stories and beloved storytellers! Century after century and all around the world, children have climbed into the laps of mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and dear family friends to snuggle, laugh and sing, and to hear and tell their favorite tales again and again. Tell Me A Tale springs from Kindermusik's commitment to keeping these literary traditions alive, bringing literature to life through music, and providing Kindermusik families with the best possible developmentally appropriate learning experiences.
    • Musical Theatre
      • August 11-15, 2014 & August 18-22, 2014
      • 5-12 years old, Instructor: Carly Bilec. $139/Week
      • Is your child interested in singing, dancing, acting, painting, dressing up... or all of the above? Musical Theatre camp is for you! This summer, we will explore the broadway favourite, "The Lion King!" Come join us as we learn about how musicals are made, from behind-the-scenes work to acting, singing, choreographing, costume and set design, makeup, and more!
    • Around The World
      • July 21-25, 2014
      • 5-12 years old, Monday-Friday, 9:00am-3:30pm.
      • Instructor: Adrianne Salmon. $139/Week
      • Join us in a musical adventure where we travel around the world exploring cultures, musical styles, and different instruments. From drumming in Africa to flamenco guitar in Spain and Rock and Roll in the USA, this camp is your opportunity to expose your child to music from around the world. They will learn to play on the piano, guitar, sing, and more! Lots of crafts, dancing, games, and outdoor fun will keep your child learning and having lots of summer fun!
    • Triple Threat
      • June 30-July 4, 2014.  Monday-Friday, 9:00am-3:30pm
      • 8-15 years old, Instructor: Adrianne Salmon. $139/Week
      • With the Dominelli School of Music's Triple Threat summer camp, you don't have to decide between dance camp, theatre camp, or music camp - you can have all three wrapped up in one. Campers can explore the arts no matter what their level of development.The Triple Threat summer camp enables students from ages 8-15 to train with our highly qualified instructor, Adrianne Salmon. A fun and interactive way to learn performing technique, including acting improvisation, dance, and ensemble vocal instruction. Each session ends with a scene, song, and dance-filled performance.
  • Edmonton Oilers Hockey School
    • St. Albert: July 20 - Aug. 8, Servus Credit Union Place
      Leduc, AB: August 10 - 15, Leduc Recreation Centre
    • The Edmonton Oilers are proud to provide young hockey players with the opportunity to attend Oilers Hockey School to continue their skill development in a positive, fun-filled environment.
    • Young players between the ages of 5 through 14 can register for Oilers Hockey School and the chance to experience high calibre training. Instructors include former NHL and WHL talent with special guest appearances from Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Oil Kings players and coaches.
    • http://oilers.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=33004
  • EvelineCharles Beauty Boot Camp
    • What does beauty mean to you?
    • This summer, spend a week at EvelineCharles building confidence from the inside out. Learn about the evolution of beauty, goal setting, effective communication, and become an expert on personal hygiene and style. 
    • EvelineCharles Beauty Boot Camp For girls aged 11 – 15
    • This summer, spend a week at EvelineCharles building confidence from the inside out. Learn about the evolution of beauty, goal setting, effective communication, and become an expert on personal hygiene and style.
    • Weekly Day Camps
    • Monday – Friday | 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
      • July 7-11
      • July 14-18
      • July 21-25
      • July 28- Aug 1
      • August 5-8 (long weekend, camp is tues-fri)
      • August 11-15
      • August 18-22
    • Only $299/week + GST
    • Location: EvelineCharles Academy Edmonton
    • Call or email to register 780.409.5673 | bbc@ecacademy.com
    • www.evelinecharles.com
  • Fort Edmonton Park
    • Farm Friends (4 and 5 years)
      • At the Farm Friends daycamp, kids will visit farm animals, feed the chickens, and take a wagon ride, too! They’ll make themselves at home in a pioneer kitchen and make homemade lemonade, cookies and ice cream! We’ll play some historical games and try out traditional toys from long ago. On the last day of camp, parents are invited to an dress-up animal parade. Participants will bring home a bundle of crafts to show everyone what they made at Fort Edmonton Park.
      • # 518973 Jul 7–11 9am–noon
        #518975 Jul 7–11 1–4pm
        # 518974 Jul 21– 25 9am–noon
        #518976 Jul 21–25 1–4pm
        #519010 Aug 5–8 9am–noon *4 day camp
        # 519011Aug 5–8 1–4pm *4 day camp
    • Christmas in July (5–8 years)
      • Your child doesn’t have to wait until December to celebrate Christmas—we’re going to celebrate Christmas in July! We’ll travel through time to experience Christmas like fur traders and pioneers did, and re-create exciting Christmas traditions from around the world. We’ll make Christmas treats like gingerbread and hot cocoa from scratch, sew our own stockings, and build our own toys to put in them!
      • # 518967 – Jun 30–Jul 4* 9am–4pm
        # 518968 Jul 21–25 9am–4pm
      • *Celebrate Dominion Day with us! Your camper will experience the thrills and stories of Canada Day at Fort Edmonton Park, complete with singing, performers and, of course, cake! Camp will be operating on July 1, 2014.
    • Pursuit of Play (6–9 years)
      • Children of the past did not spend all their time working; they enjoyed playing sports and building toys, too! Your child can join the fun by playing games such as mini golf: the latest 1920s craze. We’ll follow that up with a trip to the midway for games, rides and live entertainment! We’ll make our own clay marbles and learn some traditional marble games. We will even have an old-fashioned picnic complete with schoolyard games, ice cream and fresh lemonade!
      • #518984 Jul 7–11 9am–4pm
        # 518985 Jul 28–Aug 1 9am–4pm
        # 518986 Aug11–15 9am–4pm
        # 518987 Aug 25–29 9am–4pm
    • Mrs. Egge’s Kitchen Kids (6–10 years)
      • Mrs. Egge has given us permission to use her woodburning stove to learn to cook! We’ll make cinnamon buns, pretzels and cookies in the oven; and make soup, scones and jam on the stovetop. Participants will sample the food they make, take some home, and share the rest with neighbours on 1885 Street! Cooking was not the only part of daily housework in pioneer times; we’ll also tend the garden, try some sewing and make our own hand-dipped candles!
      • #518991 Jul 14–18 9am–4pm
        # 518992 Jul 28–Aug1 9am–4pm
        # 518993Aug 11–15 9am–4pm
        #518994 Aug 25-29 9am-4pm
    • Frontier Kids (7–10 years)
      • Does your child like adventure? In the Frontier Kids camp, they’ll discover Edmonton’s wild frontier and live life like a trapper, fur trader, and explorer! We’ll exercise our outdoors skills as we cook over a fire and build a model tipi and travois. We’ll develop our tracking skills with a trip to the John Janzen Nature Centre to search for animal evidence, and make a plaster cast of an animal track to take home. This week of adventure will finish with a feast of homemade stew and delicious bannock.
      • #518969 Jun 30–Jul 4* 9am–4pm
        #518970 July 14-18 9am-4pm
        #518971 July 21-25 9am-4pm
        # 518972 Aug 11–15 9am–4pm
      • *Celebrate Dominion Day with us! Your camper will experience the thrills and stories of Canada Day at Fort Edmonton Park, complete with signing, performers and, of course, cake! Camp will be operating on July 1, 2014
    • Pioneer Vacation (5–7 years)
      • From hard work to active play, this camp gives kids a taste of early times in Edmonton. We’ll have an old-fashioned school lesson complete with writing on slates and an old-time recess. We’ll make ice cream, dip a wax candle, and bake a sweet treat to eat, too! Kids will spend the afternoon playing games at their own Penny Carnival. They’ll even make a checkerboard and play checkers with new daycamp friends!
      • #519008 Jul 28–Aug 1 9am–4pm
        # 519009 Aug 18–22 9am–4pm
    • History Whodunit! (7–10 years)
      • We are looking for the best detectives of all time! Someone has been traveling through time in an attempt to ruin history! We’ll interview characters from Edmonton’s past and find clues that will help us solve the case. We’ll make our own detective tools and keep track of what we see in a top secret diary. From cracking codes to reading invisible ink, your child will learn valuable skills guaranteed to make them the best gumshoe in history!
      • # 518995Jul 14–18 9am–4pm
        # 519012 Aug 5–8 9am–4pm *4 day camp
        #518996 Aug 18-22 9am-4pm
    • Inventing through History (8–11 years)
      • Your child can discover, experiment and invent during an action-filled week limited only by their imagination. They’ll learn what a stereoscope and thaumatrope are, then create their own! We’ll meet our train engineer and find out how a 55-tonne metal machine comes alive through the power of steam. We’ll learn about the history of flight and participate in an exciting paper airplane competition. Throughout the week, your child will design and build an original invention to present on the last day!
      • #518977 Jul 7–11 9am–4pm
        # 518978 Jul 21–25 9am –4pm
        # 518980 Aug 18–22 9am–4pm
    • Backstage at Fort Edmonton (8–12 years)
      • Ladies and gents, take your seats! Your child is invited to travel through Edmonton’s history and learn how to perform! From dancing a reel in the old fort to dancing the Charleston in the ‘20s, we’ll have your child’s toes tapping. We’ll learn the secrets behind the Capitol Theatre and go behind the scenes with our costumed interpreters to see what it takes to bring Fort Edmonton Park to life every day! We’ll even develop our own scene to perform for park visitors on the last day of camp!
      • # 519005 Jul 14–18 9am–4pm
        #519006 July 28- Aug 1 9am-4pm
        # 519007 Aug 11–15 9am–4pm
    • Voyageur Adventure (9–12 years)
      • Your child can experience the life of a voyageur as they spend a morning learning how to paddle a voyageur canoe! There is daily work to be done around the Fort, too! They’ll bale some fur, build a model travois and tipi, cook bread over the fire and make a hearty fur trader stew for lunch. We’ll try Aboriginal beading, learn the art of finger weaving and make our own voyageur sashes.
      • # 518988 Jul 7–11 9am–4pm
        # 518989 Jul 21–July 25 9am–4pm
        # 518990 Aug 18–22 9am–4pm
    • Pioneer Survivor (11–14 years)
      • Is your child ready for adventure? They can take on the role of a pioneer in the early prairie west! They’ll learn some woodworking and pyrography skills to make your own keepsake, bake bread from scratch, and practice orienteering. There are no stoves on the trail, so they’ll develop fire-building and outdoor-cooking skills. On Thursday, we’ll spend the night at the Fort in true pioneer fashion. Afterward, we’ll finish off the week with an afternoon filled with food, fun and games!
      • # 518982 Jul 7-11 9am–4pm
        # 518983 July 28-Aug 1 9am–4pm
    • Ticket to Ride (6–9 years)
      • Planes, trains and automobiles! We’ll travel through time as we explore how transportation has evolved in Edmonton! Your child will build their own model car, go behind the scenes with our train engineers and ride the rails on our streetcar. We’ll take a trip to Edmonton’s famous High Level Bridge for a sky-high thrill ride above the North Saskatchewan River. This is your child’s ticket to travel back in time!
      • #519000 Jul 14–18 9am–4pm
        # 519001 Aug 11–15 9am–4pm
    • http://www.fortedmontonpark.ca/programs/daycamps/
  • Fort Saskatchewan Kids Day Art Camp
    • Kids Day Art Camp held at Life Church in Fort Saskatchewan, AB.
    • Spend a week discovering the beauty of creation!  Ages 5-12.  All kids welcome! Drawing, painting, singing, and acting!!
    • FREE but please pick up a registration package at church office Tues-Fri 9:30-4.  780-992-9673 #111, 10421-99 ave
    • 8/18/2014 10:15 - 2:00 PM
  • Harcourt House Summer Art Camps
    • Will cover mediums such as silkscreening, artist trading cards, clay sculpture, acrylic painting, and much more. There will also be a field trip and a guest artist each week to expand their knowledge of art.
    • CAMP FEE: $175 all materials included. 
    • CAMP TIMES: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm
    • CAMP LOCATION: Annex Building 10211 - 112 Street
    • AGES 7-10 July 21 - 25
    • AGE 12-16 August 11 - 15 
    • http://harcourthouse.ab.ca/classes-workshops/art-xpressed/
  • Iseke School of Karate
    • Karate Camp for children aged 4-8yrs in the Tiny Dragons Program
      • 16417-117ave.
      • Camp runs July 8, 9, 10 & 11 from 10am-12pm and the fees are $105 total.
    • Children aged 3.5 yrs-4.5yrs
      • Camp will run from July 15,16 & 17 from 10am-10:45am.
    • https://www.facebook.com/TinyDragonsKarate or 780-758-8800
  • John Walter Museum daycamps
    • Playful Pioneers Camp
      • Ages 4-5
      • 516509- Jul 14-18 9am-noon
    • Mrs. Walter’s Kitchen Kids Camp
      • Ages 6-10
      • 516510- Jul 21-25
        516511- Aug 18-22 9am-4pm
    • Happy Holidays! Camp
      • Ages 6-10
      • 516512- Jul 7-11
        516513- Jul 28- Aug 1 9am-4pm
    • Little House in the River Valley Camp
      • Ages 6-10
      • 516514- Aug 5-8 (4 Days)
        516515- Aug 25-29 (5 Days) 9am-4pm
    • Mr. Walter’s Wilderness Camp
      • Ages 8-12
      • 516516- Jul 14-18
        516517- Aug 11-15 9am-4pm
    • History Investigators Camp
      • Ages 6-10
      • (3 Days) 516518- Jul 2-4 9am-4pm
    • http://www.edmonton.ca/attractions_recreation/attractions/john_walter_museum/daycamps.aspx
  • KnightHaven Medieval Summer Camp
    • August 11-15
    • Ages 8-12 and 12-17
    • Learn teamwork, leadership, and skill, during the camp. Participants are divided into villages. There are a wide range of craft activities and on a daily basis all the villages come together to participate in different skill building activities such as; archery, drill, and sword fighting.
    • Medieval camp hours are from 9 AM to 4 PM
    • All children must be prepared for outdoor activity
    • Children will need their own bag lunch for lunch and morning and afternoon snack time.
    • Note: all electronic gear (games, phones etc.) MUST be left at home or in their backpacks.
    • For more details check http://www.knighthaven.com/8-12-day-camps.html
  • Little Button Sewing Studio
    • JULY - 7th to 11th MORNING, JULY- 14th to 18th MORNING, JULY - 21st to 25th MORNING, JULY - 28th to AUGUST 1st MORNING, JULY-28 to AUGUST 1st AFTERNOON, AUGUST 11th to 15th MORNING, AUGUST 18th to 22nd MORNING, AUGUST 25th to 29th MORNING
    • Full Week Kids Camp
      • 3 hr Classes 5 Days  $184.00 + GST
      • Morning Camp: 9:00AM - 12:00PM
      • Afternoon Camp: 1:00PM - 4:00PM 
    • This is a full five days of sewing for kids! Each day they will complete a project they take home! Projects include for the full week: Bag, Stuffie, Apron, PJ Pants and a project they choose on their own.
    • All materials and machines are available, no need to bring any supplies.
    • Registration is online: www.littlebuttonsewing.com
  • MacEwan University Camps
    • Hip Hop Kulture Camp
      • These week-long camps in July feature small classes taught by professional hip hop artists for youth aged 13 and up. Full day camps available.
      • Art of Rap / Emcee Workshop, Mo - Fri, July 7 - 11, 9 am - 2 pm with Dre
          Hip Hop Dance, 2:15 - 4:15 pm with Carla Benevides
      • Urban Beat / DJ Workshop, Mo - Fri, July 14 - 18, 9 am - 2 pm with DJ Dice
          B-Boy/B-Girl Hip Hop, 2:15 - 4:15 with Sean Arceta
      • Wild Style / Urban Art Workshop, Mo - Fr, July 21 - 25, 9 am - 2 pm with Dre
          Hip Hop Kulture / Urban Dance, 2:15 - 4:15 pm
    • www.MacEwan.ca/ArtsConEd, Courses & Services, 2014 Summer Youth courses & camps
  • Microsoft: Summer Camps
    • This summer the Microsoft Store at West Edmonton Mall will be hosting free summer camps.
    • Starting June 23, 2014. Each week from Monday to Thursday they will be running a brand new camp.
    • These camps are sure to be not only fun but also educational.
    • To register your child for a camp visit their website or their location at West Edmonton Mall.
    • http://content.microsoftstore.com
  • Muttart Conservatory 2014 Summer Daycamps
    • Kinder-Gardeners Camp
      • Ages 4-5
      • 516453- Jul 7-11
        516454- Jul 14-18
        516455- Jul 28-Aug 1
        516456- Aug 11-15 9am-noon
    • Paleo Plants Camp
      • Ages 5-8
      • 516458- Jul 7-11
        516459- Aug 25-29 9am-4pm
    • Garden Gumshoes Camp
      • Ages 5-8
        516460- Jul 21-25
        516461- Aug 18-22 9am-4pm
    • Growing Gardeners Camp
      • Ages 5-8
      • 516462- Jul 28- Aug 1
        516463- Aug 11-15 9am-4pm
    • World Explorers Camp
      • Ages 5-8
      • 516464- Aug 5-8 9am-4pm
    • Nature Navigators Camp
      • Ages 9-12
      • 516465- Jul 2-4 (3 Days)
        516466- Aug 5-8 (4 Days) 9am-4pm
    • Bloomin’ Art Camp
      • Ages 6-9 & Ages 10-13
      • 516507- Jul 14-18 (Ages 6-9)
        516508- Jul 21-25 (Ages 10-13) 9am-4pm
    • http://www.edmonton.ca/attractions_recreation/attractions/muttart_conservatory/daycamps.aspx
  • NAIT Recreation summer camps
  • Pedalheads
    • Pedalheads® is an instructional bike and safety skills program for kids ages 2-12. From training wheels to trails, each level includes 5 key areas: safety knowledge and skills, bike handling, trail riding, street riding and bike maintenance.
    • Half day camps (ages 4+): 9:30am-12:00pm or 1:00pm-3:30pm
    • All Day camps (ages 4+): 9:00am-4:00pm. Extended care is also available.
    • Private lessons: 1:1 time with an instructor. Great for beginners or those looking to refine a particular skill.
    • Toddler camps (ages 2 and 3): Join your tot at 2 or let them ride at 3 as they learn to start, stop, steer and pedal along with helmet and traffic safety. These riders come with their trikes, ride-on toys, run bikes or bikes with training wheels.
    • Edmonton: Rio Terrace Community League: 15500 76 Ave NW
      Edmonton Argyll: Argyll Velodrome: 6850 88 St NW
      St. Albert: St. Matthew's Anglican Church: 125 Larose Drive
    • For more information or to register please visit www.pedalheads.com
  • Royal City Soccer Camps
    • Boys and Girls aged 5 to 13.
    • July and August weeks.
    • Full day, morning and afternoon sessions.
    • 6 locations across Edmonton.
    • www.royalsoccer.com
  • Servus Credit Union Place, St. Albert
    • Our summer camps offer something for everyone - from cooking to golf to science and art, your kids will have a blast!
    • Preschool Camps are half day camps for kids aged 3-5
    • The Children's 3/4 Day camps are for kids aged 5-8
    • The Full Day Camps are for kids aged 6-12
    • Check out the Summer Camp Program Guide and make this summer one to remember!
    • http://www.servusplace.ca/images/ServusPlace_SpringSummer2014__Program_Proof1.pdf
  • Sportball Summer camps
  • St. Peter Lutheran Church Soccer Camp
    • July 14th - 18th, Salisbury Field
    • (in Salisbury Park, East, off Sunset Boulevard, beside Vital Grandin School and West of Leo Knickerson)
    • The camp will run from 9:45 am - 12:00 daily.
    • Kids must be age 6-12. They are responsible for bringing their own soccer shoes, shin guards (mandatory!), and sunscreen (recommended!).
    • We are providing Soccer pennies, water, and daily snacks.
    • http://saintpeterlutheran.com/site/eventreg.asp?sec_id=2254
  • Sugar Swing Dance Club
    • dance camp for kids: the Swing Kids Dance Camp
      • Physical activity, artistry, and learning for kids grades 1-3 and 4-6
      • Highly-qualified camp counselors with years of dance and teaching experience
      • Daily special events: guest instructors, performance opportunities, and more
      • An unforgettable week of vintage jazz dance, swing music, and new friends
  • Telus World of Science Edmonton
    • 2014 Science Summer Camps
    • Science Tots - NEW (Half day only)
      • For Ages 4 to 5
      • Lil’ Watts, Lil’ Volts, Lil’ Atoms & Lil’ Quarks
      • Calling all lil’ explorers to our brand new camps for our youngest scientists. Lil’ campers will make HUGE discoveries as they create amazing masterpieces, visit Discoveryland and get their hands on some spectacular science.  Each of our four Science Tot camps include different topics, so you can send your curious tots to all four*! 
      • Lil' Watts - Fish and Reptiles, Patterns, Human Body and Monsters
      • Lil' Volts - Animals, Bubbles, Magnets and Space
      • Lil' Atoms - Birds and Flying things, Colours, Robots and Shapes
      • Lil' Quarks - Bugs, Planets, Dinosaurs and Liquids
      • Morning camps run 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and afternoon camps run 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
      • Jul 2 - Aug 18
    • For Ages 6 to 7
      • Junior Scientists - NEW
        • Let your children discover science like never before.  Each day a different topic will be explored to introduce kids to a variety of sciences including: fabulous chemistry, space travel, engineering exploration and marvelous mathematics.  Campers will get their hands on science as they blow bubbles to pop, build their own air cannons and create an egg re-entry vehicle.  Jr. Scientists reporting for duty!
        • July - August
      • Action Heroes
        • Leap into action with our camp all about movement!  Campers will get to discover their own superhero identity, while earning action badges throughout the week. Enhance their super-human abilities as they train in our action Olympics, as well as meet the science centre’s creatures as the campers compare how the animals move.  The week ends with a bang, as we move into space and launch our rockets!
        • July - August 2014
      • Critter Crusaders - NEW
        • From furs & claws to scales & tails, this camp explores them all.  You’ll experience biology like never before through the tiny world of microbes using microscopes, getting up close and personal with our critters and getting your hands wet in our touch tanks!  Exploration of the river valley at John Janzen Nature Centre will be another highlight of this camp. Come and take a walk on the wild side!
        • July - August 2014
      • Dino Diggers
        • Travel back in time to the Mesozoic era, the time of dinosaurs. You and your fellow Dino Diggers will uncover dinosaur bones, eggs and footprints. Create your own fossil and design the dinosaurs from your wildest dreams.  Experience these amazing prehistoric creatures up close as we take a look at modern dinosaur descendants right here at the science centre! If you miss this camp you will be dino-sorry.
    • For Ages 8 to 9
      • Spacetroopers
        • Find out if you have what it takes to be a Spacetrooper. Your training will include Space Olympics, designing a space suit, working with droids, and launching your own model rocket. Experience the Galaxy like never before.
      • Debunk It! - NEW Activities
        • In this camp you will get to see if some common beliefs are scientific facts or myths.  Using the scientific method campers will test wild and crazy experiments.  Can soda pop dissolve metal? How many balloons hold up a camper? Can you pull a truck with IMAX film? Can you make sound waves out of fire?  Be on the front lines of discovery in this myth testing camp!
      • Sci-Phy
        • From lasers to catapults, you never imagined that physics could be so much fun.
        • For the kids who like to defy gravity, come and experience the wonder of one of the most extreme topics in science. You will be lifted by air, be shocked by the power of electricity and when we build laser mazes, you won’t believe your eyes. Who will be the one to build the most impressive machine or the most outrageous roller coaster?
      • Science Wizardry
        • The magic of science comes alive!
        • Grab your wand and get ready to cast some spells of the science kind!  Become a potions master as you mix solutions that change colour or turn into crystals, before getting to play a game on brooms.  You don’t need a flying car to come discover the secret world of science as you explore mind blowing, eye-popping science tricks.  Science wizards in training!
    • Camps Available for Ages 9 to 10
      • All robots, all the time.
      • Become the brain behind our NXT robots! Campers will work with a partner to build, program, and test their robotic creations using the NXT robotics system. Campers will program their robots to respond to space environments as they train it for a series of challenges; maintaining a space station, travelling to distant planets, and terraforming worlds. This programming camp is designed for individuals who love building challenges and problem solving. Come & take the Sci-Bot challenge!
    • Camps Available For Ages 10 to 12
      • Brainiacs
        • Keep your brain buzzing this summer!
        • From slimy gloop to space food to perfect bridges, become the brainiac you know you are, as you get elbow-deep in science. By the end of the week, you’ll have built an amazing rocket, experienced extreme science experiments and tested the laws of the universe.
      • Curious Girl
        • Curious like Madame Curie?  Uncover your brilliant scientific brain!
        • Bring your questions and your appetite for all things science to our camp just for girls, where we’ll dig deeper into the truth behind sound, DNA, chocolate, and so much more. Finish off with a spectacular rocket launch and experiments that will knock your socks off!
      • Gamers' Studio
        • Turn digital dreams into video game reality.
        • Why buy a game when you can make your own this summer? If you’re a gamer, this camp offers Cyber Campers the ultimate challenge!  Design and construct a video game using the powerful game design software Game Maker.  You will learn the programming basics including the creation of levels, adding characters and objects, behaviours and sound.  This camp teaches techniques for designing a fun game with a simple storyline.  The possibilities are endless!
    • Camps Available For Ages 11 to 12
      • Sci-Bots
        • All robots, all the time.
        • Become the brain behind our NXT robots! Campers will work with a partner to build, program, and test their robotic creations using the NXT robotics system. Campers will run their robots through a series of  sporting challenges; playing hockey against other robots, making catapults, and sumo wrestling. This programming camp is designed for individuals who love building challenges and problem solving.  Come & take the Sci-Bot challenge!
    • Camps Available For Ages 12 to 14
      • Gamers' Studio
        • Turn digital dreams into video game reality.
        • Why buy a game when you can make your own this summer? If you’re a gamer, this camp offers Cyber Campers the ultimate challenge!  Design and construct a video game using the powerful game design software Game Maker.  You will learn the programming basics including the creation of levels, adding characters and objects, behaviours and sound.  This camp teaches techniques for designing a fun game with a simple storyline.  The possibilities are endless!
    • By telephone at: 780-451-3344
  • Universtiy of Alberta - Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation
  • University of Alberta, Faculty of Science Camps
    • Cyber Climber (Ages 7-12)
    • Jump, Jog and Blog (Ages 7-12)
    • Jr. Space Explorers (Ages 7-9)
    • Space Explorers (Ages 10-12)
    • Computing Science Introduction (Ages 10-14)
    • Designing with Computers (Girls ages 11-15)
    • Riveting Robotics (Ages 11-15)
    • Intro to Gaming (Ages 12-14)
    • Space Challlengers (Ages 13-15)
    • Workshops
      • Web Design Workshop (Ages 15-17) *NEW*
      • Smartphone App Programming Workshop (Ages 15-17) *BACK*
      • Exploring Arduino Workshop (Ages 15-17) *NEW*
      • Game Design Workshop (Ages 15-17)
    • Other Programs
      • Alberta Summer Mathematics Institute (Grades 10-12)
    • http://science.ualberta.ca/about-us/outreach/summer-camps
  • YouthWrite
    • a camp for kids who love to write...just about anything!©
    • Alberta’s premier writing camp!
    • YouthWrite Peak Experience
      • Camp Hector in the Rocky Mountains near Canmore
      • June 29-July 4, 2014
      • Overnight Camp (Ages 14-19)
    • YouthWrite River Valley Experience
      • Bennett Centre in Edmonton’s beautiful river valley, 9703 94 Street
      • July 6-July 12, 2014
      • Overnight (Ages 12-14) or
      • Day Camp (Ages 11-14)
    • www.youthwrite.com
    • Deadlines for applications: June 16 for Peak Experience, June 23 for River Valley Experience

  • **** Please check with the camp for times, availability, restrictions etc.

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