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Canyon Glider
Urban Basketball

Online Resources


  • Google Earth - View constellations and the movements of the planets; distant galaxies and nebulae.
  • Google Moon - want to get a street level view of where Neil Armstrong lived on the Moon?

Health and Fitness

  • Healthy Kids - Dr. Peter Nieman has been practicing as a specialist with children for more than twenty years. He is also a parent who recognizes the challenges of raising healthy children.
  • Life by Example - Dr. Peter Nieman is a pediatrician dedicated to working with and helping parents raise healthy children.

Online Activities

  • Games - online games for kids. Snowboarding ... more soon.
  • Lego - online games for preschool kids.
  • Club Penguin - a kid-friendly virtual world where children can play games, have fun and interact with each other.
  • Teen Second Life - 13 to 17 year olds can socialize in a safe, fun atmosphere. They can let their avatars roam and let their alter-egos explore new social situations in the online world. Teens can get jobs, learn new skills and even hang out at the Coffee Spot.
  • Edmontonstories.ca -  written, audio and video material describing the experience of Edmonton by residents and visitors.

Social Networking

  • EdmontonKids - social networking, forums, private messaging for Edmontonians.
  • Twitter - combines social networking, blogging, instant messaging and text messaging.
  • Jaiku - connect with the people you care about by sharing presence updates with them on the Web and mobile.
  • Rummble is like a travel guide written for you by your friends. It is a location based mobile social network.
  • Groovr - Send shoutouts, post pics, videos and let your friends know where you are. All from a mobile phone.

Students - Education - Online Learning

  • Computer Science classes - The tutorials cover most of the popular scripting languages. There's one from Mark Zuckerberg and Angry Birds, an intro to JavaScript from Khan Academy, Python basics from Grok Learning, several "make a mobile app in an hour" tutorials, and more.

    Besides Gates and Zuckerberg, most of the major tech companies (e.g., Amazon, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Apple, Yahoo) are backing this endeavor—and trying to correct the fact that 9 out of 10 US schools don't even teach programming.

  • Coursera - education company that partners with the top universities and organizations in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.University.
  • Edutopia is part of The George Lucas Educational Foundation. We know that K-12 education can be better, but many people don’t know what better looks like. We recognize that for innovations to spread, educators and parents, as well as business and community leaders, must first see and understand the changes and opportunities.
  • FactMonster - Almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia, Thesaurus.
  • FreeTranslation - translate web pages and text into different languages
  • Frontiers for Young Minds is made up of editors ages 8 to 18 who learn the ropes of peer review from working scientists. With 18 young minds and 38 adult authors and associate editors lending their expertise, the journal includes such articles as "Our brain enjoys making friends".
    Frontiers for Yound Minds
  • HowStuffWorks - easy-to-understand explanations of how the world actually works.
  • Khan Academy - free online world-class education for anyone anywhere. K-12
    Khan Academy
  • National Geographic Kids - Play games, watch videos, learn about animals, and places, and get fun facts on the National Geographic Kids website.
  • Math.com - The world of math online.
  • Novelguide - literary analysis, book summaries, literature guides or novel guides
  • Science Made Simple - Science fair projects: ideas, topics, methods & examples. Science articles, easy kids science projects & experiments
  • ShakespeareOnline - William Shakespeare
  • World Science U - Immerse yourself in the world of science. Education for everyone at all levels of interest and knowledge.
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